Featured Vendor: Greenroom136

Passion Portraits : Patrick Lim, Founder of Greenroom136 from Adrian Yap on Vimeo.

Greenroom’s W?LDCARD

Always wanted to create a bag of your own? Here is a cool service offered by Greenroom which allows you people to customize your own bags! How to stop worrying having the same bags from others? Customize your own!

Greenroom’s ScribbleBook

Perfect for you vain ones who want your stationery and valuables to look good as much you do. And seriously, what’s wrong with that? Precious things are meant to be protected!

Greenroom’s PocketBook

Hot off the oven people! I bet your current wallet probably would not hold all your pocket essentials and an iPhone altogether!

Rush over to Markets next month on the 28th of September, as we have plenty of vendors that will be featuring items that will blow your mind! 

Featured Vendor: Fabspy

With a touch of a finger, like literally, we could very much shop online. Pretty dresses, shirts, denim jeans, caps and all things stylish can be ours for the taking even when we’re busy going on dreamy dates. Safely assuming that we’re all coming from the same page, allow me introduce to you a site for good things that are sure to grab your attention; Fabspy.com, who coincidentally will be at our upcoming Markets as one of our vendors! Boom!


With an extensive list of pretty dresses and accessories, Fabspy is a sure-fire hit among you pretty ladies! Why you may ask? It’s simple really, Fabspy have everything you need for your everyday dressing!


Remember that Markets is just a short wait away, so do drop by and you can catch Fabspy at our Markets on the 28th of September if you’re not a big fan already.

Featured Vendor: Pestle & Mortar Clothing

Been to our previous Markets? If you’re nodding your head to this, then we are pretty sure you’ve spotted Pestle & Mortar Clothing showcasing their collection of all things that is good at Markets. If you have not, not to worry because they will be one of our vendors again this time around and our featured vendor for this post!

Fruit loops! Their summer collection features local fruits in their prints and comfort is not just a statement for them, it’s in all of their clothing as well. Perfect to wear on a sunny day as well as looking fashionable at the same time. ;)

Shirts gentlemen? Pestle & Mortar Clothing has got some rad shirts for you guys to check out as well. Their shirts can be worn casually, if not for a date with them pretty girls.

Behold…Beauty in the shape of a keychain, cool huh? One of a must have from Pestle & Mortar Clothing’s collection of accessories. Ideally, this cap’ n hook keychain will give a tinge of ruggedness into whatever you’re wearing for the day.

Head on over to Markets on the 28th of September 2013 to check out what other goods they will be selling at their booth!

Tote bags are cool yo!

So what is a tote bag? A tote bag is a large and often unfastened bag, with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. Here are a few ways we can use them:


Tote bags from Everydaily Store

1. Going out for a picnic?

You can use tote bags instead of a picnic basket, it’s easier to carry around and you could just sling it over on one side of your shoulder! You can easily put a bottle of wine, your roasts, sandwiches, salads, cheese, your ketupats and rendangs, containers, satay, your mat, paper plates and cutleries, the list is endless! Be mindful that the more load you’re putting in, the bigger the bag you would need!

2. Ding-dong! Trick-or-Treat!

Halloween is not too long a way, I know some of our neighbourhoods might not be much of a trick-or-treater, but it’s never too late to start the community trend! You could use a tote bag to trick-or-treat around and from the way I see it, you’ll be carrying a lot more candy than the rest!

3. Christmas socks? Why not totes?

Traditionally, people use socks for receiving of gifts for Christmas, but who are we kidding? A sock won’t fit a Chanel Bag, or that iPad that we wanted, why not replace those old Christmas socks with tote bags instead?

4. Sun, Sea and Sand!

Tote bags are perfect for the beach! You can easily dump your towels, keys, sun screen and other little things easily in your bag. We strongly suggest getting waterproof/sandproof tote bags, so your stuff won’t get wet.

5. Shop till you drop!

Waiting for grocery bags to be banned would seem impossible, so just say NO to plastic bags or paper bags when you are offered them! Instead, you could actually bring your own bags that can be re-used over and over again. Join us on a quest of making the world a better place! 

6. Wanderlusters

To all the travel-holics out there, you guys might wanna include some tote bags during your vacation in case of a crisis! (emergency shopping situations etc). Tote bags are easy to keep, and don’t require much space, just roll em up and pack it in your suitcase!


Don’t have a tote bag? Fret not! Everydaily Store will be one of our vendors in our upcoming Markets. They will be selling their stylish tote bags amongst many other things! Be sure to grab them!

Check them out on their Facebook page! They got other cool stuff you can grab as well!

Featured Vendor: Pinwheels

Markets is here to extend a helping hand to all moms, dads, uncles and aunties out there! Pinwheels is awesome as they offer a variety of trendy clothes for your little boo while not forgetting the “comfy factor” (mind our country’s humid climate) In a nutshell, Pinwheels is here to make sure your little ones enjoy dressing up as much as you do!

Fretting over your baby’s comfort but wishing you can play dress up with them? Pinwheels offers just what you need: colourful prints and designs to keep your precious ones looking stylish, AND quality clothing materials. Long gone are your worries about heat rashes under those clothes!

1. Keep it casual for your little man with this print tee. Perfect for a day out at the zoo or in the park (or in the mall!). Simply pair it with a pair of khaki shorts or jeans and you’re good to go!

2. Little girls need an LBD too! Perfect for any occasion, this little blue dress can be matched with a cardigan or an adorable hat for your little princess.

Check’em out at Markets if you’re up for some cutesie baby stuff!